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Chat with Mystical Moon Goddess - Love & Relationships and Remote Viewing in Richmond online. 2 years of practice in Remote Viewing.

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Compassionate, accurate remote viewer. with over 20 years experience. Contact with an open mind and heart.

Whether it be "Is he my soul mate?" "Should I marry him/her?" "Is he faithful?" "should I throw in the towel?" Whatever your question pertaining to love and relationships may be, I can help. I'm exact & deliver quick typing insightful information so have pen and paper ready!

I decided after Highschool to go to beauty school, during this time clients would freely talk to me about very personal things in there lives, relationships, marriage issues etc. I was constantly giving myself readings at night and was ready for each day and always gave them great insight and found i had a lot of repeat clients and they were giving me great compliments not only on there hair but also on my insight and advice. One patron told me that I was in the wrong profession and that I should be a 'light worker". I will never forget that moment. That was a definate AHA moment for me. "cut" to the present, I'm so blessed to be a spiritual advisor here at liveperson to help you! Relax and unwind and treat yourself to a reading today! ****PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE A LOW RATING JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT READY TO HEAR THE TRUTH. I WILL NOT SUGARCOAT ANYTHING...IF THE TRUTH IS NOT WHAT YOU SEEK...I'M NOT THE ADVISOR FOR YOU. ****

Experience & Qualifications

I have both private and online experience. 100's of five star ratings. Blessed with God given gift to read the tarot. I pick up and connect with energetic vibration quickly. Been a Empathic sensitive most all of my life, I can sense things before they happen.



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